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Victor Andres Ranilla Is Here!!

Total Fitness Experts is extremely proud to announce the addition of Victor Andres Ranilla to our "All Star" Personal Trainers Team! Victor is incredibly qualified for this position and brings not only his amazing credentials with him but, a true passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. If you are seeking a Personal Trainer Extraordinaire, then Victor Ranilla is your guy! Please click the attached link for an in depth look at the One & Only Victor Andres Ranilla!

Avoid "Serious" Health Issues!

HIGH FIBER DIET What is Dietary Fiber? All fiber comes from plants, bushes, vines or trees.  Of course, the ones that we eat provide us with fruits, vegetables and grains.  There are many different types of fiber but the three that are most important to the health of the body are: Insoluble Fiber This fiber does not dissolve in water, nor is it fermented by the bacteria residing in the colon.  Rather, it retains water and in so doing, helps to promote a larger, bulkier and more regular bowel activity.  This, in turn, may be important in preventing disorder such as diverticulosis and hemorrhoids, and in sweeping out certain toxins and cancer causing carcinogens.  Sources of insoluble fiber are: whole grain wheat and other whole grains corn bran, including popcorn, unflavored and unsweetened nuts and seeds potatoes and the skins from most fruits from trees such as apples, bananas and avocados many green vegetables such as green beans, zucchini, celery and cauliflower