Total Fitness Experts Welcomes Catalyst Gym!

We're excited to announce our new sponsor, "Catalyst Gym" located in Greenville, Sc!
Catalyst Gym is a cutting edge facility boasting all the workout equipment you'll ever need.
Owned and operated by Charles Russ and Jake Tubbs, Catalyst fills a niche Greenville, Sc has needed for a very long time. With a floor space of 5,000 plus sq.ft complete with top of the line cardio equipment, full array of workout machines, and plenty of free weights to suit everyone's training preferences, Catalyst Gym has all the goods! Additionally, Catalyst has some of the best personal trainers you'll find anywhere, led by the legendary James Bobo Eason!

In Summary, Catalyst Gym is the "Peoples Choice" in Greenville, Sc!
Stop in or give them a call today........


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